About Debra Askanase


“Good Questions Lead to Profitable Answers”

Community organizing has influenced my career and outlook. I worked as a community organizer for over ten years, working with multi-issue community organizations, welfare rights organizations, and tenant associations. My role as an organizer was to develop strong leaders, create community, and identify strategic paths to creating change through organized activity. What I love most is the moment that individuals realize how organizing a community creates real change in their lives, and then step into their power to make that happen.

For the previous ten years I worked in economic development for various non-profit organizations in the Boston, MA area. I was the Executive Director of a local community organization dedicated to revitalizing and promoting a neighborhood business district through the joint efforts of neighborhood volunteers, organizations and businesses. Feeling that I needed more concrete business experience, I then headed the Entrepreneurial Programs division of a local community development corporation. At the CDC, I consulted individually with hundreds of emerging entrepreneurs on all aspects of starting a business, developed intensive entrepreneurial training programs, and worked with the community to develop niche entrepreneurial sector training programs to meet demands. Program development begins with assessing the needs of the stakeholders first.

After moving to Israel in June 2007, I attended Bar Ilan University’s MBA program, focusing on International Business.  I now have my own consulting firm, Community Organizing 2.0, that analyzes and develops social media tools for NGOs, enabling them to engage meaningfully with stakeholders to achieve engagement outcomes. A key question I always ask is: “How can one engage meaningfully with all programmatic and organizational stakeholders to discern their needs?”

As a social media strategist and consultant, I translate basic organizing principles into online social media strategy. I listen and ask questions to determine what the appropriate strategy should be for each organization. Ultimately, I have combined my skills so that”good questions lead to profitable answers.”

You can find me on LinkedIn, view my bookmarks and join my network on delicious, follow me Twitter, and view my slides on Slideshare.  Of course, you can always send me an email, too!


2 responses to “About Debra Askanase

  1. Martha Heassler

    Great blog, Debra! I’m looking forward to learning from you here like I learned from you several years ago face to face! Blessings. -M

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